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Decreased Immunity In Children

Why is it that some children fall ill more often than others? The reason lies in their immunity. Our immune system is our body's defense against harmful organisms and substances that cause sickness. Some children have good immunity and therefore are less prone to infections, while those who have weaker immunity fall sick more often. Homeopathy works at the level of immunity in children and therefore is an effective treatment for them. Children love the taste of sweet homeopathic pills and therefore do not avoid taking medicines.

Symptoms of low immunity in children

Take a note of the following 5 symptoms of your child:
He or she catches a cold frequently and has a sore throat often.
Suffers frequently from infections like bronchitis, ear infections or skin infections
Suffers from delayed healing of wounds
Is underweight
Has nutritional deficiencies that are characterised by visible changes in the skin and hair, has brittle nails, bruises easily and has a low-attention span…

Say no to antibiotics
What do you do about your child’s immunity when he falls ill? Antibiotics…is that what you said? Then you should know this antibiotic resistance kills over 50,000 children in India annually!

Antibiotics can provide quick relief, but in the long run, they may decrease the susceptibility to infections. Overuse can also lead to drug-resistance. They also have side effects like rashes, nausea, diarrhea and stomach pain.