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Sleeplessness / Insomnia

Sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnoea affect millions of people worldwide every year.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder of which an individual is unable to fall asleep or stay asleep as long as is desired resulting in poor quality of sleep. Sometimes referred to as sleeplessness, insomnia may often accompany other medical or psychiatric disorders. Individuals suffering from insomnia will often experience functional impairment during their waking hours.

There are several degrees of insomnia, and within there, three different types of insomnia have been categorized: transient; acute; chronic.

Transient insomnia lasts anywhere from days to weeks. Transient insomnia may be likened to sleep deprivation.
Acute insomnia is the inability to gain consistent level of sleep for a period of three weeks to six months.

Chronic insomnia will last for years at a time. People who suffer from chronic insomnia are at an increased risk of experiencing mental fatigue and hallucinations.

All types of insomnia may be brought on by an already existing medical disorder, changes in sleep environment, changes to the hours during which one sleeps, severe depression, or even stress.

Insomnia more commonly affects women than men, and though it is not bias to age, individuals over the age of 60 are at higher risk. Age is not an excuse in homeopathy.

Sleep Apnoea
Sleep apnoea is characterized by abnormal pauses in breathing or abnormally low breathing during sleep. Apnoea (every pause in breath) may last from seconds to minutes and typically happen five to thirty times or more per hour.

There are three types of sleep apnoea: central (CSA); obstructive (OSA); complex or mixed sleep apnoea.

When CSA is experienced, breath is interrupted by a lack of respiratory effort. OSA is characterized by breathing interrupted by a physical block to airflow, snoring is quite common.
Complex sleep apnoea is a combination of both CSA and OSA. Alternative methods of treatment, such as homeopathy, can offer relief for those dealing with sleeping disorders.